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HeARTfelt Create
Publishing's Journey

Heartfelt Create Publishing was born out of my wish to bring the story of my love for my 2 grand girls alive. It started with a song in my head. Then a kindness from my musical partner and yet another kindness from my long-time painter friend. And suddenly, the song in my head became a beautiful picture book. Which I believe other humans will enjoy. There is a powerful message which all girls-little, big, young and old alike need to hear.

“Your story is powerful and should always be heard !”

I am an educator by profession and a Creative at heart. My hope is that through my songs, the books I promote, the dreams to be inspired… find a place in the creative process which I plan to develop through the Heartfelt Create Publishing journey. I truly believe we humans must create. It is a gift from the universe which should never be dismissed.


Hope you join this ever changing journey we are all on.

Welcome to Heartfelt Create Publishing!

- Lucy Dallman, Founder -

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Little Girls, Little Girls
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