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Hope is a word not easily spoken.
There are times in our life, 
when it’s all that we have.
The perils of hope drawn deep within us.
Bring whispers of faith to all humankind.

Hope is a precarious word,
one which evokes all sorts of emotions.

This book captures these differences in our words, music and paintings.

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Inspiration behind the story...
two educators in differing life stages. 

One educator is experiencing the joy of a family expanding and the love of sharing her creativity with her granddaughters.

The other educator is in the beginning stages of starting 
a family, juggling work, family and the love of music.

Sprinkle in the lifelong friendship of two women who 
have shared a love of art and the creative process helping 
each other with many collaborative artistic adventures.

The result is what is in your hands - words, music and
art which we hope will encourage and inspire young girls everywhere.

Little Girls,
Little Girls




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