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The Team

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     Heartfelt Create Publishing was born out of Lucy’s wish to bring the story of her love for two grand girls alive. It started with a song in her head. Then a kindness from her musical partner, Billy and yet another kindness from her long-time painter friend, Kathy. The song became a beautiful picture book. Which Heartfelt Create Publishing hopes that any and all humans will enjoy.

     Lucy and Kathy are childhood friends, backdoor neighbors, who became friends, while walking to grade school and dreaming big during junior high sleepovers. Lucy and Billy are work friends. The Art teacher and the Music teacher at Ben Franklin Elementary. All three are interested and participate in their own creative endeavors, outside of Heartfelt Create. Together, they come together to bring the world a visual component to the original songs of the ARTs dept.

     Lucy and Billy's original songs can be found anywhere you stream music. Little Girls is one of 13 songs on their album "Lifelines." While Hope will be part of their second album "Wading" coming Spring 2024.


- Kathryn, Lucy and Billy


     Our team would not be complete without Joy Rifkin. She keeps us all up to date on our Social Media.


     Whistleslick Press and Design brought the self-publishing dream to life. By seamlessly blending Kathryn's captivating artwork with Lucy's exquisite lyrics, they crafted two timeless hardcover books. With a touch of magic, they also included Billy's enchanting sheet music. These keepsake books are destined to delight all who encounter them. 

     Visit today!

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