"a space to create"

All 2017-18 gallery show openings, featuring local artists, 

will run 5-8 pm, the third Friday of every month.

Gallery Shows 2017-18

Glenbard West Student Show   Poetry and Art   Opening 9/15/17

Miles Evans  Photography   Opening 10/20/17

Bob Gorman   Abstract Painting   Opening 11/17/17

Erica Stephan   Jewelry/Home Goods   Opening 12/15/17

Sophie Brennan   Ceramics   Opening 1/19/18

Eileen McArdle    Contemporary Reinterpretations   Opening 2/16/18

Lauren Bullard    Ink Paintings   Opening 3/16/18

Celia Rodee   Watercolor/Ink/Pencil   Opening 4/20/18

Lucy Hill & Kathy Trumball   Mixed Media   Opening 5/18/18

Gallery Shows 2015-16

Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite   Drawing/Painting/Installation    Opening 9/18-11/6

Erica Stephan   Jewelry/Mixed Media   Opening 11/20-12/27

Cecilia Lad Smith   Printmaking/Drawing   Opening 1/9-2/21

Laura Lee   Two Dimensional Collage   Opening 3/4-4/23

John Shorney   Painting/Pastels   Opening 5/6-6/25

William Lanzillo   Student Show   Opening 7/8-8/27

Artist-in-Residence: Genevieve Cipriano

Gallery Shows 2016-17

Bob Raczka/Glenbard West Art Students   Poetry and Art   Opening 9/9/16

Erica Stephan   Jewelry/Mixed Media   Opening 11/14/16

Ellie Dunham   Printmaking/Drawing/Painting   Opening 1/6/17

Susan Thurber Jones   
Mixed Media Collage  Opening 3/10/17

Elaine Libovicz   
Quilts  Opening 5/12/17

Local Artist Gallery Shows